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Frequently Asked Questions

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The term VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It helps you to communicate and make calls via broadband Internet connection. It replaces your traditional phone line and converts phone calls into data which then travels through your high-speed internet enabling you to connect to your clients faster.
No. Dial-up modem is not compatible with cloud services. To get the utmost advantage of Fonebell’s services, one needs to have a high-speed internet connection like DSL or Cable.
Yes. Fonebell does give you the flexibility to choose your telephone number. However, it will always depend on the availability of area codes and telephone numbers.
Yes, you can keep your current numbers with Fonebell in most circumstances. You need to contact our VoIP executive for further details and clarifications.
Yes, you can always create, record and upload your own greeting based on your requisites. You can even personalize your greetings with your customer’s name or special marketing or holiday message.
VoIP phones and adapters are required for using our VoIP phone service. Further, Fonebell gives you the flexibility to keep your existing PBX while considering our SIP Trunking service.
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