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Upgrade the way you communicate with the masses. Have a perfect communication with a larger number of audience via automated broadcast texts and voice messages. Broadcasting affirms to be the perfect idea for a campaign run as the web-based system lets you send mass notifications via automated phone calls, text messages, and emails. It benefits industries that involve public dealing. It does wonders for mass notification functions like:

Election Campaigns

Order Confirmations

Research Feedback

Spreading Awareness

Broadcast outbound phone
campaign solutions are perfect for?

Government Sector

Broadcast automated text and voice messages are incredibly suitable when it comes to election campaigns or large scale government activities. Automated mass notifications and voice messages are sent to public to provide relevant information about campaigns or related movements.


Ecommerce involves public dealings on a large scale by taking millions of orders every hour. Fonebell’s broadcast solutions is the best way to deal with it as with each given number an automated call is generated for prompt order confirmation/cancellation over IVR, following with an auto text message.

Hospitality Industry

Broadcast solutions covers a significant area of hospitality sector. Hotel chains and restaurant chains are benefitted the most. They confirm/cancel orders and bookings via prompt broadcast automated texts and inform about their range of services and products via mass notifications, emails etc.


NGOs use broadcast outbound phone campaign solutions primarily to carry out functions that help them spread awareness among the masses. One can record their messages and send to as many people as one wants. They use it to educate society about illnesses/diseases, social factors, etc.

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